Spirituality and Vibration Energy

Spiritual Emergence or Kundalini awakening bring many shifts in energy and consciousness, working through the chakra system. 

Understanding the CHakras

Here is an excellent breakdown of the 12 chakras by YouTuber and musician Young Pharoah. Twitter: @PHARAOH_ATEN_

The basics are simple:

The concept is simple, we have a physical body and in addition a spiritual body.

Some believe that the reason we PATMers trigger those around us is due to our chakras being out of balance. This explains why when we get anxious, the reactions appear to worsen.

The solution to getting your chakras re-balanced is to calmly center ones energy and maintain presence of mind. 

Controlling vibrations

We’ve heard the phrases many times before … “Man, he is giving me bad vibes,” “That venue had amazing energy,” “She’s so full of energy!” Yet few of us ever really stop to think about the depths of these common. The truth is that instinctively, on both a primal and intuitive level, we can sense that not only is everything composed of energy, but this energy varies in its quantity and quality drastically in our everyday lives.

One factor influencing our vibrations is the music we listen to.

Most (not all) electronic music is made on an unnatural frequency. That is the reason our ears tend to like it, its unfamiliar. The problem is that walking around with headphones playing music at an unnatural frequency results in our bodies frequencies changing tune accordingly. The best remedy is to listen to sounds from natural frequencies, such as those formed from animal skin drums or guitar strings. Often time meditative music contains these natural sounds as they have been proven to have calming effects. 


The power of Meditation

This video presents a very detailed breakdown on the power of medication and frequency.

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