A theory on soundwaves and PATM

by soiledsystem

Background: soiledsystem is a user on webmd forum who has been posting for 5 years, he provided this post regarding his theory on Aug 27, 2017

Several months ago I posted about “fighting fire with fire” and using soundwaves to fight my symptoms.  My type of PATM includes weird sound phenomenon (using present tense as I have not completely resolved it, still in the killing phase because it is so pervasive). 

Soundwaves are a different type of wave than Electro-Magnetic (EM) waves.  This week several articles came out about diplomats that were sickened by some sort of sonic attack.  These articles came out in legitimate publications and nobody understands what exactly caused the “attack”.   

My point is, that soundwaves have now come to public attention as possible vector for illness.  My theory about the type of PATM that I have (which includes the weird phone/through walls etc. observations) is that it is some sort of fungus or bacteria that generates soundwaves.  Now, here’s where it gets really interesting.  In order to propagate the soundwaves, a second pathogen is needed to “broadcast” it.  I believe there is some sort of virus that attacks the nerves in the skin/scalp and uses nerves’ electrical impulses to “broadcast” the sound waves.  So, there is a separate electrical component to this, but the soundwaves are the primary means of causing “attacks” i.e. PATM on people.  The soundwaves may jar peoples’ mucous membranes, causing the sensation of needing to clear throat/cough, etc.  Disclaimer:  I am not saying that PATM caused the problems for the diplomats.  I am saying that soundwaves are now being looked at as a possible causative agent of health problems. 

Back to the “fight fire with fire”:  the frequency on youtube that I posted about several months ago lead people to dismiss my post as some sort of Rife frequency-related (it was not).  While I did get some physical indications I was on the right track with using soundwaves to battle this thing, the youtube frequency was not calibrated to ensure that it was delivering what it said it was and even though I eventually moved to more sophisticated means of amplifying it (better speakers), I started getting diminishing returns.  This is a huge problem to have to apply the sound from the speakers to various spots on body.  As I stated in that post and related posts at that time, you do not “listen” to the frequency, you apply the speaker directly on body part (intestines and scalp, primarily).   

In order to get more consistent/efficient results,about two weeks ago I got a ultrasound device that people use on sports injuries (“ultrasound therapy”).  This targets “it” more effectively and I believe may be the solution to completely killing this thing off.  I do not know why an ultrasound wave would kill “it”, I can’t answer that, but I do know that Microsoft has a patent on ultrasound for killing pathogens.  I believe that the two things, the soundwaves causing the PATM allergic reactions in people, and the soundwaves to kill “it” are two different things.  It was the weird sound effects that my PATM causes that tipped me off that there is some sort of soundwave component to this (thank you stupid pathogen for revealing your undoing). 

As I said before, to kill it is a huge undertaking because we are talking about applying the soundwaves/ultrasound to the skin and scalp, a lot of surface area.  However, concentrating on the scalp seems to give the best return and, for me, the locus where “it” lives is in the intestines, upper right-quadrant, so that area must be treated as well. 

Ultrasound therapy should not be attempted without first consulting with a doctor. There are portable ultrasound machines available for very low cost.