PATM – Paranormal or paranoia?

Background: Many suffers of PATM have observed strange quirks to it. I feel it necessary to also share these claims.


It definitely travels through phones and video conferences. I can confirm without a doubt that I cause reactions to people over video conference – whether I am muted or not. It truly blows my mind and has opened me up to believe that we do not know much about this world and how it works…



It might be two different variants. But the thing is that those who believe it travels through phone, video-conference, etc also seem to affect people around them, locally like any PATMer. So it is not that it just goes through phone. These people, call them tele-PATMers, are first and foremost PATMers as well, in that they generate the same reactions locally in the surrounding environment like any PATMer, but, *in addition* they notice it travels through phones, etc.

So I believe it is the same PATM. Many have observed that they didn’t notice tele-reactions at first but eventually, after paying more attention, they noticed. I think tele-PATM holds the solution to PATM, because when it travels through electronic media PATM can be trapped, digitalized and analyzed. The fact that it telecommunicates will ultimately lead to its demise.

– drdeep  Apr 23


Agreed like I have stated before it travels through phone, it’s not as obvious as it is live in person but it definitely exists.  Some highlights of my past week experience, talking to coworker and he sneezes, elevated levels of sneezing in the office, it’s the norm for me, fortunately it seems like my bosses have come to accept the fact.  Getting pizza at lunch the person making my pizza sneezes.  

Getting grocery at store, the person 2 people in front of me sneezes.  I get that people sneeze and it’s normal to do so but so much sneezing around me I don’t think is.  Wish the powers at be would listen to some of our phone calls and notice the peculiarities if they haven’t already.  I find joy talking to the people that don’t show reactions and wonder to myself for those that do, what exactly is it, but as a person with solid deduction skills I haven’t been able to put my finger on WHY.  

Also I’ve known this thing has attacked me before, just today I got a weird thing caught in my throat for about 10-15 minutes and had to cough constantly and clear my throat, this is the thing that I think we cause to others.  I also had a more intense attack like this over a year ago.  I myself find myself sneezing as well.  

I also think it makes others yawn. The most logical conclusion I have come to is it’s some type of bacteria in our gut that science hasn’t been able to understand yet, if it travels through phone than it is probably communicating i’m thinking to other people’s bacteria, maybe not communication as we know it but some type of relationship.  Or like 3 doctors before me have said it’s a delusion, I’m not ruling that out even though the empirical evidence presented to me makes me think it’s not.  The last doctor I talked to said he didn’t know instead of a delusion so theirs that but said he wasn’t a specialist so couldn’t answer. 

I’ve tried to mute the call on a phone where I’ve noticed the reaction on other sides and that hasn’t helped, strangely I would think it would.  It’s hard to mute myself from even the start but will see if any scenario like that can present itself.

patmhalp Apr 24

-I’ve always stated that the way this thing travels is THE key.  There is either 2 completely different problems people call patm or some people just don’t want to believe what’s happening.


I think we sometimes overthink our situation. I often time see live sporting events or news and can see people coughing. As ridiculous as it sounds, I began to think it was also do to my PATM until I started seeing groups like this.


Yeah sometimes it’s kind of PATMophobia. Don’t be obsessed with that. It makes things worse. Not every person coughs because of us. People that have allergy or a heavy smokers coughs constantly.

Direct Response by mindspace  Apr 21

When I did have it, it went through walls and I can hear my neighbor having sneezing attacks. I’ve been 99.9 percent patm free since I’ve abstained from sex.



*User ‘mindspace’ of medhelp reminds us that when men ejaculate they lose zinc. Zinc is important for our condition.*

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