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Background: the following post is from a webmd user who was sharing an update to his PATM struggle  Posted March 28 2017

I have an update to this hell : 

Although the parasite remedy above gave me lackluster results , I can now confirm without a doubt. This is Morgellons . 

Don’t listen to any rubbish about breathing in and out . It is not in your head. It is real. Sorry to break it to you, but, it is Morgellons. Most of you don’t have visible lesions and the fact that Morgellons is indeed some other worldly ****  will make you skeptical, but it is true. I have been through two years of pure hell and this is without developing a single lesion . 

I believe I had the Morg platform inside of me for up to two decades. It develops slowly , depending on your general health, waiting for its final trigger for full blown status . From my experience, PATM is an intermediate symptom . Treat yourself now before it becomes full blown. 

The products are all available on Amazon with mainstream uses for chronic illness and general longevity. 

I am 3 days in . It’s early days, but PATM and other symptoms have immediately begun to reverse. I had an epic bowel movement yesterday . Tons of slime / mucus came out of me . I am in shock.

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