PATM or Hypersensitivity to ElectroMagnetic Radiation?

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Hi Guys 
I have been a sufferer of PATM for around 2 years and it has severely affected my life. I’m sure everyone can agree the emotional stress that this brings is unbelievable. Through my studies and by visiting 10 different specialists, reading this forum and doing my own research I do believe I have found the answer to what PATM really is. 
I have found out only recently that I have had work in an environment that is high in Electromagnetic Radiation this is generated by high electrical currents from equipment which I work close by, its also found in any products that use electricity, high voltage power lines and mobile phone technology. 
My theory is that if you are exposed to long term effects of this it actually gets enough into your own body that in a sense you become electrically charge and in a sense your body is contaminated with this radiation then as we walk around this energy is emitting from us. 
This energy does dry out peoples throat, mucosa, even intestines and stomachs causing people to rub their eyes, cough, sneeze, scratch etc. 
Unfortunately EMR is everywhere but if you do avoid using mobile phone devices and keeping away from high electrical appliances the symptoms can improve but in todays society this is easier said than done. 


Requests for the reader

Can everyone respond to see if you also suffer the similar things as I do gastro issues, skin issues, headaches, muscle twitching if you do then along with others having reactions to you (PATM) if so then we are on the same pathway. 

Also can you confirm if either you live near mobile phone towers, high phone user, high voltage power lines, or high current electrical equipment at work or home? I believe these are the triggers to our problems and you have been exposed to those over a prolonged period of time. 

Does this theory work for everyone, does this make sense please do your own research around radiation and its effects and check out Hypersensitivity to Electromagnetic radiation there is actually a condition know as this which is not medically accepted as yet in many countries but in some there is momentum for this. 

Cheer up everyone half the problem of this PATM is understanding it and putting in place precautions to avoid this going on. 

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