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People Allergic to me – What does this mean?

There is a lot of information throughout the internet discussing theories and ideas as to what exactly causes this. I will do my best to collect a variety of theories and share experiences to help you come to your own conclusion.

​This website will explore all the different aspects of PATM rather than focusing on one particular area. Gut health, vibrational energy, toxins, microorganisms are all possible sources for PATM reactions.

Please remember, these are just theories and to always consult your doctor when attempting any changes in diet or medication.


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Gut Health

I’ve seen much discussion among the web regarding PATM being related to gastrointestinal issues. Acid reflux causes gas to come out our mouths. Silent reflux is said to unknowingly affect up to 33 million Americans.


Spiritual Emergence or Kundalini awakening bring many shifts in energy and consciousness, working through the chakra system. 

When you feel anxious or nervous, do your symptoms increase? 


Morgellon’s disease

Morgellons disease is a little-known disorder that is often associated with nonspecific skin, nerve, and psychiatric symptoms. Some refer to it as a fiber disease. People with this disorder seem to be more likely to develop low thyroid functioning (hypothyroidism).



Soundwaves have now come to public attention as possible vector for illness.  A theory about the type of PATM that it is some sort of fungus or bacteria that generates soundwaves. 


A theory that if you are exposed to long term effects of this it actually gets enough into your own body that in a sense you become electrically charge and in a sense your body is contaminated with this radiation then as we walk around this energy is emitting from us. 

Sinus infection/post-nasal drip

Sinuses contain multiple different parts that work together.  This theory explores sinusitis and possible quirks of the nose such as histamine release.


IMmune System

Does anyone of you with PATM ever get sick?  Some with PATM get sick very rarely. It’s Almost like something in our body attacking is others peoples immune system and making them sick. China weighs in on this theory.


If more people dont know about PATM, we may never learn more about this disease.

Have you spoken to your doctor about your PATM? Family, friends, colleagues?


Paranormal or Paranoia

Many here are sure that PATM goes through phones and internet VOIP. Some find these users delusional while others see it as a result of paranoia or ‘PATMphobia’.


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