Immune System Theory

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The fundamental reason of PATM mights to be autoimmune diseases,might ruled by gene HLA gene complex. The HLA gene complex is located on the short arm of the sixth pair of chromosomes, its length is about 4000kb long.Many autoimmune diseases are caused by HLA Genetic variation like AS(ankylosing spondylitis)  Systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE)   Arthritis  IBD  IBS  Crohn’s disease  Psoriasis Scleroderma. Many papers and  Statistical results have proved that the autoimmune diseases are Decided by multiple genes and present certain characteristics of family clustering.The genetic characteristics of disease show high complexity and it is induced by the environment.The principle of autoimmune desease is simple,genetic variation cause inflammatory cell like   T-lymphocyte cannot distinguish bacteria from ordinary cells which release a large number of inflammatory factors acts on different organs to cause various forms of disease.when they attack intestine,it cause ibd,then might cause bad body odor and bad Oral smell.when they accumulate in an organ like brain,it might cause brain inflammation. PATM perhaps it’s a special phenotype of autoimmune symptoms. 

PATMer might secret a special class of substance like 300 VOCs experimented by Japanese, might also be more complex ,they release allergic mediators mainly caused by extreme lymphoid tissue fluid caused by immune overreaction,The microscopic process of the release process may be complex. 

Some PATMer also state a phenomenon that others cough and vomit are synchronize and instantaneous with their thinking process.The reason might be simple for their Inflammation mainly occurs in the brain,when they think 
,the brain becomes active and releases a lot of hormones,which cause the release of allergens.So the statement of electromagnetic wave is more likely to be a mistake of subjective experience.This PATMers may have relatives with brain disease for genetic family clustering.

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Okay, so whats the solution?

A way to alleviate symptoms of PATM might be resist inflammation,We might can restrain inflammation by eating more foods that contain anti-inflammatory agents like Tomato,broccoli,Grape seed extraction, Astaxanthine¬q10. Many experiments have proved that oxidative stress is an important cause of body inflammation,so we can reduce intake omega6 food and increase intake omega3 food.Many papers also prove that probiotics play an important role in improving intestinal tract and secreting inhibitory anti-inflammatory factors.

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