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Hi guys, I’m a Biomedical Engineer who has been suffering from this hell for 2 years now. I have been having some luck with the treatments mentioned on this forum (thanks for the recommendations!!) plus some I have devised myself (I won’t go into further details of the full protocol at this point as don’t want to give false hope to anyone). I want to gather some data to see if there is a common source to all our cases of PATM and if so I may be able to help.

The test is as follows: Apply Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar to your skin (undiluted) and report if you see anything emerging from your skin over the next few minutes. I won’t go into any further detail at this point but it would be great if a few people could try this and report back on their results. The easiest place to apply and monitor for me is on the hands (especially in between fingers and on my knuckles), thanks in advance!






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