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PATM is not very well known. Go ask your doctor about it, they will laugh you out the office. Not out of disrespect, but the truth is that doctors work off precedent. There is no precedent in medicine of a condition called “PATM”. If there isnt accredited research on it, they will not entertain it. – PATM GURU

I absolutely agree with everything you say. I know I will never find the answer to PATM on these forums but continue to visit. I react to myself but not as badly as the people reacting.  My family are aware I am the cause (it becomes obvious when the isolation of me started is when patm  started).

I don’t hold on hope in any sense but progression to makes things better. I think patm is a mental health orientated problem in the sense that it’s an obsession now BUT we are not delusional. Reactions really are happening, no doubt about it.

Londongirl92Oct 17, 2018

When we create awareness it is typically thrown out as a delusion.  Most of us are hopeless there is no fix in sight, have tried what’s on this forums with no complete success so we lurk.  I’m all for you creating more awareness but figure it will quickly be discredited.  BTW I find myself sneezing a lot recently so I don’t think that we are immune from it, it’s just we live with it so we are more immune to the symptoms.


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Why aren’t we creating AWARENESS?

Background: a post by jirnov made on



Hi fellow travellers, I’m really worried by the activity in this forum. For many years lot’s of users asked questions and tryied to get solutions. Nowadays I just see less and less activity over here.

And i would like to know why. 

If you just wonder what is PATM, you’ll have plenty of information down here in this forum. It’s basically a disease that yet has not been discovered or explained, where sufferers tend to affect others without affecting themselves. 

This may correspond with the definition of auto-inmune, but is not yet declared, just percieved by us like that. 

This is something that we neither believe, at first sight. From my point of view, I never considered that this could be real, but a simple google search drove me here, and after reading +100 exact cases like mine I realized that it was indeed true. 

But we are not here to cry, neither complain. We don’t want to be treated as insane, neither to get uncorrectly judged by medics as psychiatrically ill people.
They won’t never understand, exactly like we didn’t before we realized what was going on. And to be clear, realizing what was going on did not include understanding or knowing the reasons behind it. 

That’s why we are here, most of us went to some doctor, super worried, trying to get an explanation. But it was refuted by some statement, a statement made by a doctor. And when it comes to health, we all know they always have the last word (doesen’t matter who or when, if they just have a medicine degree and you don’t, instantly you are just ripped off from your thoughts and overcomed with a certain statement) 

I propose to ourselves to create a campaign, where we can demonstrate that we are real people behind this, and not only some characters in a forum. In many occasions I tryied to show this site to various medics, whose unfortunately didn’t give a single ****. 

This campaign would be entitled: “It exists” or “It is real”. I propose to create a website and start uploading our different stories, with a photo holding a ceirtain message (therefore “it exists” or “it is real”) 

I’m already aware that MeBo decided to intraprend a certain study on our condition, but I personally believe that this is more related to the lungs than to the belly. We may be taking the wrong path towards this, and it would be awful and frustrating to realize it 5 years later. 

Tell me what you think about this, and please don’t try to illuminate us with the “truth” if you don’t have any proof about it. This is the main approach we should take. I personally believe that there must be a reason why all this people that came before in here are not anymore around, and would want to know why. 

Please use the contact form below, if you have any general questions or requests about our services.

We will try our best to respond back to you within 72 hours.

PATM – Paranormal or paranoia?

Background: Many suffers of PATM have observed strange quirks to it. I feel it necessary to also share these claims.


It definitely travels through phones and video conferences. I can confirm without a doubt that I cause reactions to people over video conference – whether I am muted or not. It truly blows my mind and has opened me up to believe that we do not know much about this world and how it works…



It might be two different variants. But the thing is that those who believe it travels through phone, video-conference, etc also seem to affect people around them, locally like any PATMer. So it is not that it just goes through phone. These people, call them tele-PATMers, are first and foremost PATMers as well, in that they generate the same reactions locally in the surrounding environment like any PATMer, but, *in addition* they notice it travels through phones, etc.

So I believe it is the same PATM. Many have observed that they didn’t notice tele-reactions at first but eventually, after paying more attention, they noticed. I think tele-PATM holds the solution to PATM, because when it travels through electronic media PATM can be trapped, digitalized and analyzed. The fact that it telecommunicates will ultimately lead to its demise.

– drdeep  Apr 23


Agreed like I have stated before it travels through phone, it’s not as obvious as it is live in person but it definitely exists.  Some highlights of my past week experience, talking to coworker and he sneezes, elevated levels of sneezing in the office, it’s the norm for me, fortunately it seems like my bosses have come to accept the fact.  Getting pizza at lunch the person making my pizza sneezes.  

Getting grocery at store, the person 2 people in front of me sneezes.  I get that people sneeze and it’s normal to do so but so much sneezing around me I don’t think is.  Wish the powers at be would listen to some of our phone calls and notice the peculiarities if they haven’t already.  I find joy talking to the people that don’t show reactions and wonder to myself for those that do, what exactly is it, but as a person with solid deduction skills I haven’t been able to put my finger on WHY.  

Also I’ve known this thing has attacked me before, just today I got a weird thing caught in my throat for about 10-15 minutes and had to cough constantly and clear my throat, this is the thing that I think we cause to others.  I also had a more intense attack like this over a year ago.  I myself find myself sneezing as well.  

I also think it makes others yawn. The most logical conclusion I have come to is it’s some type of bacteria in our gut that science hasn’t been able to understand yet, if it travels through phone than it is probably communicating i’m thinking to other people’s bacteria, maybe not communication as we know it but some type of relationship.  Or like 3 doctors before me have said it’s a delusion, I’m not ruling that out even though the empirical evidence presented to me makes me think it’s not.  The last doctor I talked to said he didn’t know instead of a delusion so theirs that but said he wasn’t a specialist so couldn’t answer. 

I’ve tried to mute the call on a phone where I’ve noticed the reaction on other sides and that hasn’t helped, strangely I would think it would.  It’s hard to mute myself from even the start but will see if any scenario like that can present itself.

patmhalp Apr 24

-I’ve always stated that the way this thing travels is THE key.  There is either 2 completely different problems people call patm or some people just don’t want to believe what’s happening.


I think we sometimes overthink our situation. I often time see live sporting events or news and can see people coughing. As ridiculous as it sounds, I began to think it was also do to my PATM until I started seeing groups like this.


Yeah sometimes it’s kind of PATMophobia. Don’t be obsessed with that. It makes things worse. Not every person coughs because of us. People that have allergy or a heavy smokers coughs constantly.

Direct Response by mindspace  Apr 21

When I did have it, it went through walls and I can hear my neighbor having sneezing attacks. I’ve been 99.9 percent patm free since I’ve abstained from sex.



*User ‘mindspace’ of medhelp reminds us that when men ejaculate they lose zinc. Zinc is important for our condition.*


Immune System Theory

Background: a post by user patm_from_china made April 24

The fundamental reason of PATM mights to be autoimmune diseases,might ruled by gene HLA gene complex. The HLA gene complex is located on the short arm of the sixth pair of chromosomes, its length is about 4000kb long.Many autoimmune diseases are caused by HLA Genetic variation like AS(ankylosing spondylitis)  Systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE)   Arthritis  IBD  IBS  Crohn’s disease  Psoriasis Scleroderma. Many papers and  Statistical results have proved that the autoimmune diseases are Decided by multiple genes and present certain characteristics of family clustering.The genetic characteristics of disease show high complexity and it is induced by the environment.The principle of autoimmune desease is simple,genetic variation cause inflammatory cell like   T-lymphocyte cannot distinguish bacteria from ordinary cells which release a large number of inflammatory factors acts on different organs to cause various forms of disease.when they attack intestine,it cause ibd,then might cause bad body odor and bad Oral smell.when they accumulate in an organ like brain,it might cause brain inflammation. PATM perhaps it’s a special phenotype of autoimmune symptoms. 

PATMer might secret a special class of substance like 300 VOCs experimented by Japanese, might also be more complex ,they release allergic mediators mainly caused by extreme lymphoid tissue fluid caused by immune overreaction,The microscopic process of the release process may be complex. 

Some PATMer also state a phenomenon that others cough and vomit are synchronize and instantaneous with their thinking process.The reason might be simple for their Inflammation mainly occurs in the brain,when they think 
,the brain becomes active and releases a lot of hormones,which cause the release of allergens.So the statement of electromagnetic wave is more likely to be a mistake of subjective experience.This PATMers may have relatives with brain disease for genetic family clustering.

(Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)

Okay, so whats the solution?

A way to alleviate symptoms of PATM might be resist inflammation,We might can restrain inflammation by eating more foods that contain anti-inflammatory agents like Tomato,broccoli,Grape seed extraction, Astaxanthine¬q10. Many experiments have proved that oxidative stress is an important cause of body inflammation,so we can reduce intake omega6 food and increase intake omega3 food.Many papers also prove that probiotics play an important role in improving intestinal tract and secreting inhibitory anti-inflammatory factors.

Word from PATM Guru: I cleaned up some of the typos, errors

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Sinus and post-nasal drip

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Apple cider vinegar test

Background: a post by patm2016 made on  

Hi guys, I’m a Biomedical Engineer who has been suffering from this hell for 2 years now. I have been having some luck with the treatments mentioned on this forum (thanks for the recommendations!!) plus some I have devised myself (I won’t go into further details of the full protocol at this point as don’t want to give false hope to anyone). I want to gather some data to see if there is a common source to all our cases of PATM and if so I may be able to help.

The test is as follows: Apply Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar to your skin (undiluted) and report if you see anything emerging from your skin over the next few minutes. I won’t go into any further detail at this point but it would be great if a few people could try this and report back on their results. The easiest place to apply and monitor for me is on the hands (especially in between fingers and on my knuckles), thanks in advance!






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I started this blog on 4/20/2019.

I created this website to serve as a one-stop-shop for information and links for anyone looking to learn more about PATM.

As my first blog, I hope to expand this to more general health information for healthy living.

With all the information available I want to be clear, I don’t want you to change who you are. My goal is to help you get through this without sacrificing your sanity.




Background: A post from Rielmet of, made on

It’s been almost 3 months now that I have no odor of fish, feces, gas, smoke, cigarette, garbage, sewage, or any people’s allergic reaction such as sneezing, coughing .. my bowel has returned to function, I am able to evacuate regularly and my tongue also returned to normal color. I always knew that day would come, even when many said there was no cure, I never accepted being in that condition, it was the saddest 4 years of my life, but also 4 years of much learning. I learned what it is to be human, this syndrome made me see how arrogant, pessimistic and skeptical I was.

Life Transformation

                    I will summarize here .. I began to take care not only of my body but also of my mind. I decided to set up my own protocol and I dropped the pharmaceutical supplements (no supplement never solved my problem, no probiotics had effects, I just threw money away on expensive products) I started to have time to eat, wake up, sleep and exercise, body needs discipline, exercise daily and drink plenty of fluids is very important. My menu currently has fish almost every day, eggs daily, chicken, lots of beans, peas, tapioca and all the vegetables and fruits).




 Jesus said: “But ask in faith, not doubting: for he that doubts is like the wave of the sea, which is carried by the wind, and cast forth from one to another part”

James 1:6 


              Walking barefoot is another method that I have adopted in my life, whether on the lawn, indoors, on the ground, but I keep my feet on the ground whenever possible, according to studies the habit of walking barefoot after numerous health benefits, we can eliminate pollution electromagnetic, boost immunity, detoxify the body, renew energies and many other benefits just by putting our feet in touch with nature.

                   Now, the most important thing was to have known the teachings of GREGG BRADEN and LOUISE HAY was the main transformation in my life, I decided that starting from that day I would have a healthy and positive mind. I’m sure this syndrome is an immune response of our body to all negative thinking and poor quality of life in general, we need to feed well, get rid of fast food, sodas, industrialized, stress and anxiety … we need to be positive , even in the face of some bad situations. Feelings of hatred, hurt, anger, fear and frustration, only brings injury to a person: OURSELVES! Already love and forgiveness heals, liberates and performs miracles.

I AM CURED, EVERY DAY THAT MEANS I AM BETTER” actually several times a day, until my mind understands that I am not sick and send that information to my body, we are beings made of a powerful energy, just know how to use it. Do not think that you have to live like this for the rest of your life, God is not happy when his son suffers. Good luck to everyone! God bless us. 

I’m sorry for my mistakes with English, I’m a Brazilian.




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Sinus and post-nasal drip

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Image courtesy of the Sinus Institute of Atlanta

Causes of Sinusitus

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Background: A theory by cgthedeathgod of who started posting in 2016

When we breath in and out, our bodies take in oxygen and output carbon dioxide. When one suffers from sinusitus, that is to say their nasal passage is swollen and clogged, their body doesnt cycle properly. One who believes to be breathing normally could actually only be breathing at half efficiency. This, overtime, causes an imbalance in our bodies which leads to us PATMers to release higher concentrations of carbon dioxide when we exhale.

This explains why we cause dryness in others throats, this also explains why sometimes people just clear their throats. It depends on the temperature of the room, quality of the rooms air. What this theory fails at, is explaining the phenomena of causing reactions through cars or via telephone. These sorts of reactions are much harder to explain, and may be wrote off as delusion. 

I cant speak for all patmers, but as a smoker, I cause sinus infections to myself on daily basis. After I smoke I can feel my right nostril swell up and the sinus fill with mucus. One could say that the solution to stop my PATM is to quit smoking. Ive tried vaping and noticed that the reactions are MUCH less frequent or severe. 

Ive noticed that PATM is worse in dusty environments. In addition, dust seems to accumulate more around me. In addition to this sinus theory I believe people should look into other ideas and theories. This is a very complex issue that cant be fixed through one method alone. Fix your diet, stop smoking, and be clean. If you still have PATM after this, do some soul searching.




 Heading Level 4

Sinusitis is a common condition in which the lining of the sinuses becomes inflamed. It’s usually caused by a viral infection and often improves within two or three weeks. 

Heading Level 4

The sinuses are small, air-filled cavities behind your cheekbones and forehead.

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PATM or Hypersensitivity to ElectroMagnetic Radiation?

Background: This is a post by Datoboy of made 

Hi Guys 
I have been a sufferer of PATM for around 2 years and it has severely affected my life. I’m sure everyone can agree the emotional stress that this brings is unbelievable. Through my studies and by visiting 10 different specialists, reading this forum and doing my own research I do believe I have found the answer to what PATM really is. 
I have found out only recently that I have had work in an environment that is high in Electromagnetic Radiation this is generated by high electrical currents from equipment which I work close by, its also found in any products that use electricity, high voltage power lines and mobile phone technology. 
My theory is that if you are exposed to long term effects of this it actually gets enough into your own body that in a sense you become electrically charge and in a sense your body is contaminated with this radiation then as we walk around this energy is emitting from us. 
This energy does dry out peoples throat, mucosa, even intestines and stomachs causing people to rub their eyes, cough, sneeze, scratch etc. 
Unfortunately EMR is everywhere but if you do avoid using mobile phone devices and keeping away from high electrical appliances the symptoms can improve but in todays society this is easier said than done. 

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A theory on soundwaves and PATM

by soiledsystem

Background: soiledsystem is a user on webmd forum who has been posting for 5 years, he provided this post regarding his theory on Aug 27, 2017

Several months ago I posted about “fighting fire with fire” and using soundwaves to fight my symptoms.  My type of PATM includes weird sound phenomenon (using present tense as I have not completely resolved it, still in the killing phase because it is so pervasive). 

Soundwaves are a different type of wave than Electro-Magnetic (EM) waves.  This week several articles came out about diplomats that were sickened by some sort of sonic attack.  These articles came out in legitimate publications and nobody understands what exactly caused the “attack”.   

My point is, that soundwaves have now come to public attention as possible vector for illness.  My theory about the type of PATM that I have (which includes the weird phone/through walls etc. observations) is that it is some sort of fungus or bacteria that generates soundwaves.  Now, here’s where it gets really interesting.  In order to propagate the soundwaves, a second pathogen is needed to “broadcast” it.  I believe there is some sort of virus that attacks the nerves in the skin/scalp and uses nerves’ electrical impulses to “broadcast” the sound waves.  So, there is a separate electrical component to this, but the soundwaves are the primary means of causing “attacks” i.e. PATM on people.  The soundwaves may jar peoples’ mucous membranes, causing the sensation of needing to clear throat/cough, etc.  Disclaimer:  I am not saying that PATM caused the problems for the diplomats.  I am saying that soundwaves are now being looked at as a possible causative agent of health problems. 

Back to the “fight fire with fire”:  the frequency on youtube that I posted about several months ago lead people to dismiss my post as some sort of Rife frequency-related (it was not).  While I did get some physical indications I was on the right track with using soundwaves to battle this thing, the youtube frequency was not calibrated to ensure that it was delivering what it said it was and even though I eventually moved to more sophisticated means of amplifying it (better speakers), I started getting diminishing returns.  This is a huge problem to have to apply the sound from the speakers to various spots on body.  As I stated in that post and related posts at that time, you do not “listen” to the frequency, you apply the speaker directly on body part (intestines and scalp, primarily).   

In order to get more consistent/efficient results,about two weeks ago I got a ultrasound device that people use on sports injuries (“ultrasound therapy”).  This targets “it” more effectively and I believe may be the solution to completely killing this thing off.  I do not know why an ultrasound wave would kill “it”, I can’t answer that, but I do know that Microsoft has a patent on ultrasound for killing pathogens.  I believe that the two things, the soundwaves causing the PATM allergic reactions in people, and the soundwaves to kill “it” are two different things.  It was the weird sound effects that my PATM causes that tipped me off that there is some sort of soundwave component to this (thank you stupid pathogen for revealing your undoing). 

As I said before, to kill it is a huge undertaking because we are talking about applying the soundwaves/ultrasound to the skin and scalp, a lot of surface area.  However, concentrating on the scalp seems to give the best return and, for me, the locus where “it” lives is in the intestines, upper right-quadrant, so that area must be treated as well. 

Ultrasound therapy should not be attempted without first consulting with a doctor. There are portable ultrasound machines available for very low cost.


by imissjack


Background: the following post is from a webmd user who was sharing an update to his PATM struggle  Posted March 28 2017

I have an update to this hell : 

Although the parasite remedy above gave me lackluster results , I can now confirm without a doubt. This is Morgellons . 

Don’t listen to any rubbish about breathing in and out . It is not in your head. It is real. Sorry to break it to you, but, it is Morgellons. Most of you don’t have visible lesions and the fact that Morgellons is indeed some other worldly ****  will make you skeptical, but it is true. I have been through two years of pure hell and this is without developing a single lesion . 

I believe I had the Morg platform inside of me for up to two decades. It develops slowly , depending on your general health, waiting for its final trigger for full blown status . From my experience, PATM is an intermediate symptom . Treat yourself now before it becomes full blown. 

The products are all available on Amazon with mainstream uses for chronic illness and general longevity. 

I am 3 days in . It’s early days, but PATM and other symptoms have immediately begun to reverse. I had an epic bowel movement yesterday . Tons of slime / mucus came out of me . I am in shock.

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