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This blog is created for people like me who suffer from PATM. What is PATM? Well it stands for People Allergic To Me.  Those who suffer from PATM experience the constant annoyance of having people around you cough, or sneeze. Sometimes they react with audible throat clearing *ahem* other times you get louder coughs or sneezing.

There is a lot of information throughout the internet discussing theories and ideas as to what exactly causes this. I will do my best to collect a variety of theories and share experiences to help you come to your own conclusion.


PATM Theories 

Show me The Cure!*

*Not a cure


Follow me as we explore some of the ideas put forth.

A place to learn, not to argue

There are so many wide ranging theories and ideas as to what causes PATM and the purpose of this blog is not to start conflict but to provide a place for dialogue for the benefit of us all. 

As the author of this blog, I have suffered from PATM since 2012. While my symptoms seem to increase and decrease in severity over time, there are little answers as to why.

Please remember, these are just theories and to always consult your doctor when attempting any changes in diet or medication.

PATM can be very stressful and can push one to their limits, please call the phone number below if you need someone to talk to.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

Lifeline Shanghai ( available 10am to 10pm every day at 021-6279-8990

Befrienders Worldwide Osaka Suicide Prevent Center (

The Natasha Goulbourn Foundation (


Symptoms of PATM to those around you


Clearing of the throat, hacking up mucus, gasping for air.


People around you start itching


Loud, incessant sneezing or blowing of excess mucus from the nose

Dry THroat

Feeling of dryness, thirst, fatigue related to the throat

Affects on the PATMer


PATM can lead to feelings of paranoia of others. Many believe that the coughs of those around them are intentional or fake.


Those who are forced to remain in enclosed spaces with others for extended periods of time find that the constant symptoms of others around them increases anxiety levels, which in turn makes the PATM worse.

Social Isolation

PATMer’s often report that the feel isolated, with no one to talk to about this condition. Very little info is known so doctors provide little comfort.


Due to the lack of research into PATM, many feel as though they are running out of hope to continue living. What may seem like a minor inconvenience to some can become a living nightmare for others.

Who gets affected?

PATM affects those of all ages.





It even has been reported to affect animals and cause strange behavior with dogs and insects.

Insects tend to have a fascination with PATMers and will tend to gravitate to them.

PATM does seem to have limited range, and there are reports of PATM even traveling through telephone, through internet VOIP software such as Skype and Discord. This may be where some of the paranoia comes into factor.

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